Eyebrow Eyelash Transplantation Aesthetics and FUE Method


Eyebrow transplantation is the process of placing hair follicles taken from the nape of the person who does not experience hair loss to the previously opened channels in the eyebrow area to be transplanted. 

Every day medical developments have started to be used in facial aesthetics. Now, hair transplantation can be done successfullyaswell as eyebrow transplantation . Accidents, burn treatments, eyebrow loss due to some diseases or no congenital eyebrowscan be treated with eyebrow transplantation . 

Eyebrow transplantation,It is an aesthetic operation prepared for men and women who have eyebrow losses due to reasons such as reduction of eyebrows, spills, or even innate eyebrows or more permanent makeup due to any reason. Thus, if you complain about the fact that your eyebrows are very small and you want to reach the latest fashion of eyebrows by increasing them a little more, the aesthetics of eyebrow transplantation is prepared exactly for you. 

In the technique of eyebrow transplantation , the hair follicles usually located in the nape parts of your body are taken and placed in the region of your eyebrows by FUE method .


Eyelash, which is an important part of the aesthetic appearance on the face, can be corrected by applying sowing procedure for medical purposes or cosmetic reasons. Eyelash transplantation is performed by plastic surgeon and specialist nurse team in operating room conditions in hospital environment. The procedure takes an average of 2 hours and is a painless painless procedure with no side effects under local anesthesia. The recovery period is 3 days. 

Eyelashes to be transplanted into single graftshair area. The donor region is usually a thin-haired region. Thin hair strands are more suitable for transferring to eyebrows or eyelashes than thick wires. Donor hair is transplanted into one or two follicles by micro surgical methods. Placing strands or micrografts one by one is important in terms of providing a natural appearance. 

Hair grows in periods and therefore no immediate results. It will take 4 to 6 months for new hairs to grow in your eyebrows or lashes.