Filling & Botox Aesthetics Operation Types, Areas, Prices and Little-known Facts


Fillers below by injecting the leather facial filler aesthetic , fine and deep wrinkles to resolve the skin, to treat scars , destroying pit in the skin , to thicken thin lips , give fullness to the cheeks are substances used to. A more youthful appearance is provided in a short time after the face filling. Filling aesthetics of the face is removed from the tired expression on the face. Over the years, elastic wrinkles, collagen fibers, wrinkles and sagging occur on the skin. Especially eye, mouth, chin, neck, nose, forehead wrinkles and sags occur. Facial filler to remove sagging and wrinkles in the lower parts of the facesuccessfully used. 

Filling injection is applied to the lip area to provide a fuller and younger appearance to the lip. It can also be used to remove deep scars and acne scars on the skin. 

Facial fillings are made to remove skin debris under the wrinkle, scar or sagging section. Percentage is applied to the area by providing fullness. Wrinkles and pits in this area are reduced or disappeared by the effect of filler.


Face sagging 
forehead lines 
lines between the eyebrows 
wrinkles around the mouth 
nares lip corners of wrinkles and lines, 
wrinkles extending to the mouth of the rim 
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to highlight the cheekbones 
lip shape of the highlighted and increasing the volume 
asymmetric lips are corrected 
to remove the signs and wound acne scars 
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