Why are Idiots and Mustache Transplantation Methods?


Beard transplantation is a medical intervention in which people who have beard infrequently or who have been abnormal for various reasons have applied frequently and have positive results. Especiallyafter the achievements in hair transplantation inTurkey, the taboos in front ofthe beard transplantation wereopened and the taboos were destroyed. 

First of all, it is an application for men and there are many reasons for this procedure. Sometimes it is necessary to eliminate a deficiency and sometimes to obtain a more beautiful appearance of beard .

The absence of beards, also known as corners in society, can be seen in all or a certain part of the face. The factor that determines the growth of beards is related to testosterone, which we call the male hormone, and Dihydrotestosterone, which we call DHT . These hormones, which increase as the age progresses, enable the hair to grow, increase and thicken in our body. So the logic that thickens the beard hit the razor is not correct. If testosterone hormones are absent or insufficient, the beard and mustache may not grow. If you do not grow a beard until the age of 20-21 means that no longer, and in this case the most natural solution is to have beard cultivation .

Today, many people have remarkable injuries, burns and postoperative marks on their face. It is seen that there are no beards and there are remarkable traces due to the death of hair follicles in this area especially after burn and surgery. You will beard all the people who do not know you, and talking to the eye of people to get rid of these scars in just 3-4 hours by separating the beard and you can get a more beautiful appearance.


Mustache transplantation is the transplantation of hair follicles into the areas of the skin that do not grow mustache hairs on the upper lip . 

Mustache transplantation is the definitive treatment method for the discomfort caused by the absence of hair or loss of hair in the upper lip in men. The hair follicles to be transplanted instead of mustache are taken from the neck as in the treatment of baldness. For this purpose, hair follicles are taken from the neck by fue method with 0.6mm punches. Then, individual hair follicles are planted in areas with a mustache deficiency. 

Cultivated hair follicles retain their pre-existing properties in the mustache area and the hairs continue to grow. Therefore, shortening of the growing hairs at suitable intervals may be performed during the mustache shaving.

Problems such as scars, surgical scars, burn marks, spillage can be camouflaged by mustache cultivation in the mustache area . In case of no mustache, serious identity change can be caught by mustache cultivation . 

Only FUE method is used for mustache cultivation . The hair follicles taken with 0.6-0.7 mm punches should be planted simultaneously with the help of tools without cutting the skin. With this method, the sowing time is shortened and there is no root death because the roots do not wait.